Call Relay Service

Have you ever wondered how a deaf person makes a phone call?

In Colombia, Centro de Relevo allows bidirectional communication between deaf and hearing people through a technological platform that has online LSC interpreters.

This initiative of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies - MINTIC in partnership with the National Federation of the Deaf in Colombia - FENASCOL has evolved since 2001, relying on technology and today there is also available and for free a Centro de Relevo App for mobile devices.

Call Relay Service, bidirectional communication, LSC interpreters

Video Messages by WhatsApp

Throught our service called Video Messages by WhatsApp, short messages can be send between deaf and hearing people, a Centro de Relevo interpreter will record the message sent by the hearing person in LSC or will make a phone call to the hearing person to transmit the information that the deaf person sent through a video.

Video Messages by WhatsApp

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